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  • FREE MASTERCLASS- The Art of Love: Healing for a Woman's Soul
    Thu, Mar 23
    Virtual Event
    Hey there! I've got a FREE ticket for you to my masterclass. Come and join us as we learn how to improve our relationships, communication skills, and overall emotional well-being. We're going to talk about how to heal our hurts and love ourselves. "Love is the key to your breakthrough."

What you will Learn

Identify and heal emotional trauma
Strategies for forgiveness
Proven techniques for mood elevation
Evaluate personal attitudes about love
Develop emotional fortitude 

What you will Experience

Lecture time followed by group work and sharing
Learning from other women who have fought similar battles - and won!
Real healing and breakthrough
Building a community and making connections
Creating an action plan that fits your lifestyle and goals 

The 5 Week Course Outline

Week 1 - What is Love?
Understand the principles of love and develop a greater awareness of the power of love and its ability to heal our deepest hurts.
Week 2 - Desire
Desire is the beginning of all accomplishment, even learning to love. You will be guided to examine “what you really want.”
Week 3 - A New Attitude
Explore and evaluate conscious and unconscious attitudes and mindsets that foster love and overcome beliefs that block love.
Week 4 - A Clean Heart
Gain real insight and proven strategies for “releasing and letting go” of resentments, anger, disappointments, and learn the art of forgiveness. Harness the power to heal!
Week 5 - A Call to Action
Develop an action plan and create daily habits that allow you to apply the principle of love in your lives.
The Art of Love Institute Coaching and Wellness Center
provides a safe and non-judgmental space for women to come together to share and connect around the common goal of emotional well-being and healing. We help women gain insight into patterns and beliefs that keep them tied to the emotional wounds of their past. We teach them the power of self-love and forgiveness and  help them identify barriers to effectively resolve emotional trauma. The principle of love is the foundation of our work. Women learn what love is and how to apply it to their everyday lives to improve their relationships at home and in the workplace. We strive to empower women to love, live, and dream through teaching, speaking and coaching.
Pink Blossom

"The art of love is the art of living."

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